240m2 12 Port x 1200m PE-RT AL PE-RT Underfloor Heating kit


60m2 3 Port x 300m PE-RT AL PE-RT Underfloor Heating Kit

40m2 2 Port x 200m PE-RT AL PE-RT Under Floor Heating Kit

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40m2 2 Port x 200m PE-RT AL PE-RT Under Floor Heating Kit

2 port kit provides temperature control of underfloor heating circuit using thermostatic blending valve with circulating pump. The heated floor area should not be greater than 40m2.

All our kits inclde an easy-fit pre-assembled manifold with pump and blending valve

Set includes:

  • 2 Port Stainless Steel Manifold
  • Easy fit manifold control pack with blending valve & circulating pump
  • High limit safety sensor
  • 2 x air vents
  • 2 x fill and drain points
  • 2 x 1" 1/4 turn manifold isolating valves
  • 50m of edge insulation
  • 1m of pipe conduit
  • 400 staples (to fix pipe to floor insulation)
  • 200m x 16mm PE-RT AL PE-RT barrier pipe ~enough for enough for 40m2 @ 200mm pipe centres or
  • 30m2 @ 150mm pipe centres or
  • 20m2 @ 100mm pipe centres
  • Instructions

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