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Cable Ties 100mm x 100

100mm x 100 Cable Ties for securing pipes, mainly for use with mesh reinforcement. ..

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16mm Nail Clips x 100

16mm x 100 Nail clips: These are ideal when the installation crosses a timber joist or floor. They provide a firm anchor for the pipe. ..

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Push Fit Clip 60mm x 200

 Push fit clips: These are used to allow easy installation when securing the pipe to insulation. ..

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Underfloor Heating pipe cutters

Underfloor Heating pipe cutters   The pipe cutters ensure a clean burr less cut of the pipe is achieved.   This is essential to ensure ease of fixing into fittings and in order to ensure an air-tight seal.  ..

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16mm Pipe Repair Connector

16mm gas tight repair connector for connecting 16mm pipe. ..

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20 x 1m Grip Rail For Use With 16mm Underfloor Heating Pipe

1m Grip Rail For Use With 16mm Underfloor Heating Pipe   The grip rail is 1m long and allows fixings in 50mm increments. Combined with the use of staples into insulation they allow a uniform installation and make final Underfloor Heasting Pipework installation much easier to undertake. They have a self-adhesive backing and are made from polypropylene. Additional support, if required,..

£23.99 Ex Tax: £19.99

Manifold Extension

This manifold extension kit is for use with Reliance (RWC) manifolds in an Underfloor central heating system.The extension kit allows you to add extra circuits to your underfloor heating system.Supplied with 2x 16mm euroconus fittings...

£29.99 Ex Tax: £24.99

Aluminium Spreader Plates (1000mm x 390mm) Box of 20

Aluminium heat spreader plates are 390mm x 1000mm diffuser plates suitable for joist centers of 400mm.Spreader plates are laid across traditional joists and fixed in place using a hand stapler.Multi-layered barrier pipe is fixed in the grooves of the plates, insulation is placed in the void below the plates to minimise downward heat loss and dissipate the heat evenly across the floor.Supplied in b..

£94.99 Ex Tax: £79.16

Pipe Decoiler

High strength decoiler easy for decoiling and laying of our underfloor heating pipes.Specifically designed to improve fitter efficiency by allowing the use of larger coils of pipe which minimises waste and comfort as well as dramatically speeding up installation..

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Underfloor Heating Pipe Clip Tacker Gun

Our pipe tacker gun can be used to clip 40mm to 66mm under floor heating tacker clips into insulation to secure under floor heating pipes. The use of the tacker gun enables quicker installation and a more comfortable working practice for the installer v’s manual clip installation. Our tacker guns are light weight and sturdy which make them the perfect choice for  any underfloor heating ..

£137.99 Ex Tax: £114.99