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Remote sensor probe (3m)

This sensor can be used to measure air and floor temperature. This probe is supplied with a 3 meter ..

Heatmiser Neo Air

NeoAirThe Heatmiser neoAir is our programmable wireless thermostat. When paired to the neoHub (sold ..

Heatmiser NeoHub

Heatmiser NeoHubThe Heatmiser NeoHub is the gateway to the Neo system, providing remote control of a..

Heatmiser NeoStat

Heatmiser NeoStat The NeoStat is a 230v powered thermostat with a volt free switch. The NeoStat..

Heatmiser Slimeline-RF - Wireless Programmable Thermostat

Heatmiser Slimeline-RF - Wireless Programmable ThermostatDesigned to be used with the UH8-RF wiring ..

Heatmiser UH4 - 4 Zone Underfloor Heating Wiring Centre

The Heatmiser UH4 can be used in conjunction with our mains voltage thermostats.The UH4 is also idea..

Heatmiser UH8 - 8 Zone 230v Underfloor Heating Wiring Centre

The Heatmiser UH8 underfloor heating wiring centre is designed to work with our 4 channel 230v time..

Heatmiser UH8- N (12v) - 8 Zone 12v Underfloor Heating Wiring Centre

The Heatmiser UH8-N is our 8 zone underfloor heating wiring centre designed to be used with our 12v..

Heatmiser UH8-RF - 8 Zone Wireless Wiring Centre

Heatmiser UH8-RF - 8 Zone Wireless Wiring CentreThe Heatmiser UH8-RF is our 8 Zone wireless wiring c..

Heatmiser Wireless Thermostat Kit

Heatmiser Wireless Thermostat KitThe Heatmiser Slimline-RF Kit comprises of a Heatmiser Slimline-RF ..

Neo plug Smart plug

Expand your Neo System with neoPlug and control your Appliances from Anywhere. Auto / Manua..

Slimline Programmable Thermostat

The Heatmiser Slimline Programmable Thermostat is a room stat and programmer in one, providing up t..

Thimble Sensor

This thimble sensor is compatible with all Heatmiser Thermostats that accept remote sensors. T..
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