Your Guide To Underfloor Heating Installation

Under floor heating installation

At, we understand that not everyone is an expert at D.I.Y.

However, we also realise that many people are competent enough to install their own systems.

With that in mind, we are pleased to bring you both easy-to-fix under floor heating installation kits, and can also arrange for our industry experts to undertake your in floor heating installation on your behalf.


Under floor heating kits – self-installation

We are proud to bring a range of kits to cover room sizes from 15m2 to 250m2, all with complete and thorough instructions, backed by the reassurance of having our knowledgeable and friendly customer service on hand to advise in the event of any problems.


Underfloor heating installation – professional

We are pleased to offer a nationwide installation service that is run to the same exacting standards as everything else we do. We even offer a screed and polished concrete service to ensure that all work is completed under our remit, giving you extra peace of mind.