Your Guide To Underfloor Heating Cost

Underfloor Heating Cost

When it comes to considering which heating system to install in your property, whether a new build or a property renovation, the question of cost is sure to be of the utmost importance.


When it comes to the installation of your under floor heating, it pays to research the options available.

Whilst it is possible to fit your own and make the cost of under floor heating more affordable, there is also the option of getting the professionals to do the job for you.

Running costs

Under floor heating costs compare favourably to that of running radiators, and with the added advantage of not only opening up your floor space but also adding more visual appeal to a room, there is the potential to increase a property’s value too. This increase can be offset against the cost of installation, making it a wise investment for any living space or business premises.

Underfloor heating runs between 35 and 45 degrees compared with radiators that usually run at 60 to 70 degrees so your heat source does not have to work so hard.