Water Underfloor Heating

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What is Water Underfloor Heating

Water underfloor heating is a viable alternative to the electric version, and still remains a cost effective option in comparison to the use of radiators. Hot water under floor heating provides you not only supreme warmth in a room, but also has the advantage of providing heat underfoot, making it the perfect solution for traditionally colder stone or tiled floors.

What are the main benefits of Wet Underfloor Heating

  • The price
    The running cost is much cheaper compared to electric underfloor heating systems.
  • More wall space
    As its an underfloor heating system there is no need for radiators as such, you have another wall in your room you can personalise.
  • Better for people with lung related medical issues
    Other central heating systems use convection to distribute the heat, This causes dust to circulate in the air which is bad for asthma suffers and the like. Also, the way the heat is distributed means that the air isn't as dry which is much better for the elderly with breathing conditions or arthritis.
  • Low maintenance
    Most systems come with a quality guarantee for 25 years.
  • Dry the room quicker
    The system covers the whole surface area of the floor. This means the distribution of heat is all over which is great for wet rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms as the floor will dry very quickly.

    Perfect for new-builds and property development

    Wet underfloor heating is rapidly becoming the heating system of choice for building projects, meaning that you are investing in the value of your property as well as comfort. Interested in one of our water underfloor heating systems? Take a look at our range of water underfloor kits.

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