Comparing Quotes

Sometimes you can receive a quote that on price seems ‘too good to be true’ – and it often is.

Many suppliers do not include all the materials / equipment to install the system leaving the end-user to purchase additional equipment that ‘was not included’.

In many instances the reduced cost is attributed to what could potentially be a poor design, pipe spacing is often increased to both reduce the amount of pipe and the manifold size. An under-design can mean that your heating could have to work much harder to achieve the room temperatures that you require, during a really cold winter it is also possible that the room would require supplementary heat input to keep you warm enough.

Our typical design offers pipe spacing at 200mm and 100mm in areas such as bath or shower rooms. The design does change if a heatpump is the preferred heat-source. All our designs are bespoke to the particular project.

The type of control offered may also influence the cost; we only supply digital controls to ensure accuracy of the temperatures and times required.

Some suppliers still provide less accurate controls to keep their cost down by offering the analogue type.

There are a few easy things to check when comparing quotes:

  1. Amount of pipe – what pipe spacing has been proposed?
  2. Amount of manifold(s) and ports?
  3. The number of and type of thermostats?
  4. Is the kit complete – do you need any additional equipment to make the UFH work?
  5. Is the equipment manufactured in Europe?
  6. Equipment guarantees?

Please note: If you are obtaining other quotations of a similar standard, Underfloor Heating Supply will not be beaten on either the quality of the equipment supplied or its cost. Please send us details of the quote you have along with the cost we will quote like-for-like or beat that quote.