It is becoming a popular form of heating UK homes

In Scandinavian countries, 80% or more of domestic dwellings are heated by underfloor heating systems. In the UK, the number of homes with underfloor heating is increasing all the time. It has gained more popularity in recent years now that it is a ‘tried and tested’ technology. Wet or water underfloor heating is compatible with modern boilers too, making it easier to install on a budget.

It is cost-effective

Underfloor heating provides heat in the home by using lower temperatures. This means it consumes less energy to make your home warm but with insulation, your home retains the heat much better hence, you don’t need such a high-energy source of heat such as radiators or open fires.

Underfloor heating is compatible with all kinds of alternative energy too

Electric underfloor heating can run well on energy supplied through solar panels. It is also a versatile heating systems that can work with ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps and biomass heat sources.

You can use any floor finish

Many people assume that you cannot use carpet with underfloor heating, but this is not the case. However, you don’t want a carpet that is too thick as this will stop the heat from radiating into the room. Underfloor heating works great with tiles, natural stones, wood, laminate and concrete floors too.

Wet underfloor heating systems can be fitted retrospectively

Wet or water underfloor heating systems take up more space in the sub-floor which meant that fitting it into an existing building meant adding height to the floor. However, there are now low-profile wet underfloor heating systems that make fitting a wet system far easier.

Underfloor heating is considered a healthier form of heat

Underfloor heating is a radiated form of it – it heats the entire floor area in a room. Radiators provide convection heat which means they heat the air which rises, cools and then falls. This process is repeated several times. As the air moves around a room, it also moves dust and dust mites too, bad news for people with asthma. But underfloor heating doesn’t!

The type of flooring also makes it a healthy form of heat

Because the best kind of flooring to use with underfloor heating is hard flooring such as laminate, stone or tile, it is also considered healthier as dust mites and fleas have no humid carpets to hide in and breed. A hard floor gives up dust much easier too to the daily swipe with a broom or vacuum.

It is an efficient system

To get the most from an underfloor heating system, you need a thermostat that allows you more control over the heat in the system. The system runs at a lower temperature and so the heat is far gentler and more pleasant.

Smart thermostats and apps for your smart phone can save you money on your heating bill

Wouldn’t it be great if you could ask the heating system to deliver more heat in time for when you get back from work? With a smart thermostat and app, you can access your heating system via your phone, changing the temperature as desired.

Underfloor heating gives you more space

With underfloor heating kits, everything is hidden. There are no bulky radiators to accommodate in a room because everything Is hidden away. Even the manifold is hidden and so there is more space in a room.

It fits in every room

There is no room in your home that is not suitable for underfloor heating. From the smallest bathroom to the kitchen, underfloor heating heats the space perfectly.

A professional installer will get the best out of your system for you

With some areas in your home, you might need more heat than in others. High heat loss areas can have extra loops of piping (in the case of a wet system) and feel immediately warmer. In other rooms, such as the kitchen, the system can be spaced further apart to deliver less heat as this room is normally warmer than others.

Underfloor heating is easy to install

Of all the heating systems you can choose, underfloor heating is possibly one of the easiest to fit. Easy to install, operate and maintain, it is a system that many more people are coming to rely on. In many cases, with plenty of time and great DIY skills, you could fit it yourself…

It is not a new heating technology

Many people think that underfloor heating is a new technology but it was used by the Romans to heat their bath houses. It is also thought that ancient civilisations realised the benefits of setting fires under the floor too.