If you are considering installing underfloor heating, there is a lot you will need to know. Here are ten of the best reasons for taking the plunge and opting for radiating heat from under the floor.

1.   Cost effective heating system

You want a cosy, warm home – but you don’t want the heating bill that goes with it. In terms of being cost effective, underfloor heating is one of the best. The cost of installation and the kit itself will, over the longer term, be off-set by the savings you will make on your heating bills.

2.   Easy installation

Of all the heating systems you can install in your home, underfloor heating is one of the easiest. There are two types of underfloor heating: wet or water based, or dry/electric systems.

Electric underfloor heating systems are mats which are heated. Although quick and simple to install, they have higher running costs.

Wet underfloor heating systems take a little more effort to install but it well worth it as the running costs are a lot lower than a conventional heating system (and a dry underfloor heating system). Wet systems can be easily fitted to an existing property as there are now low-profile and ultra-think kits available.

3.   Long term investment

There is no doubt that underfloor heating is a long-term investment in your property and one that can add value to your property.

An underfloor heating system needs to be fitted with sub-floor insulation, as well as a high standard of insulation throughout the home, this will increase the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of your home. This means it is cheaper to heat and far more efficient, something that potential buyers will want.

4.   Even heating and less wastage

An underfloor heating company will tell you that there is one benefit to underfloor heating that EVERYONE loves – a warm floor! But, it is more than just a luxury.

Radiant heat heats a room by heating the objects within it. The plastic pipe loops are under the entire area of the floor. Pipe loop spacing can be decreased to give more heat in high loss areas, or larger spacing between loops in rooms that don’t need such a high level of heat, such as the kitchen.

There are no hot spots and no cold spots with underfloor heating, just an evenly heated floor with no heat or energy wasted.

5.   Hidden and concealed

Underfloor heating kits provide everything that you need to install, operate and maintain your system but the best thing about these components and pieces of equipment is that they are all hidden from view. There are no ugly radiators dominating walls, so you have more space in a room.

6.    Increase the selling price of your property

The value of your home is not just financially increasing its worth but increasing its desirability. Consider for a moment other properties in the same price bracket as yours – if your home was cheaper to heat, which one do you think buyers would go for? You may find that when it comes to selling, your home is far more desirable than others and when two people want your home, you are the one that benefits!

Research has shown that 74% of potential house buyers will pay £1,000 more when underfloor heating is a feature, and some would pay even more.

7.   Cheaper than you think

To have underfloor heating professionally fitted in a three-bedroom property costs about £2,100, on substantially cheaper than a modern, central heating systems. But this isn’t the only good piece of news.

It can be fitted to your current boiler, and can be used as the primary source of heat in a home or use in combination with radiators.

8.   Quick to install

You will also be surprised at how quickly it is to have underfloor heating installed and this means lower installation costs, especially if you are using a specialist underfloor heating company.

9.   Compatible with all kinds of flooring

Carpet (maximum 1.5 TOG), tiles, slate and concrete are just four of the flooring solutions that work well with underfloor heating thus, your choice of flooring solutions is not limited.

10.               Virtually maintenance free

It is also refreshing to have a safe, reliable heating system that not only keeps you toasty warm but also needs very little, if any maintenance. A few system checks every now and then is all that is needed.

Underfloor heating is considered one of the most luxurious forms of heating a home too. Why not find out more by contacting Underfloor Heating Supply today?